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We have incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and accept tax-deductible donations.  However, Bibles For Free continues primarily as a “tent maker” ministry from my family to you.  The Donate Button above is available if you’d like and are able to participate with us.  All money received is used to purchase and ship Bibles.  We have no administrative overhead.

The Lord has blessed us and we in turn desire to be obedient and provide the Bible for free to all who ask.  Other ways to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ include:

Feeding the hungry,

Visiting the imprisoned,

Clothing the naked and

Caring for the sick.

But if you absolutely must participate in a ministry such as this and do not feel inclined to donate- buy a case of Bibles, go stand on a street corner and hand them out!

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