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Why the Entire Bible?

Imagine reading a book that only contains the last chapter or watching a movie for only the last fifteen minutes.  That is what it is like when you have only part of the Bible.  God has given us a wonderful gift.  We should take the time to read it.  You might say, “But it’s such a big book!”  Indeed it is!  But it is not impossible to read through.

Our family Bible has 1145 pages of text.  If one were to read at a rate of one page every five minutes, the Bible could be read in about 95 hours.  If one were to devote only 30 minutes a day to Bible reading, the entire Bible could be read in about six months.  Only 15 minutes of reading a day would take one through the entire Bible in a year!

But how should one read the Bible?  Some say start in the Gospel of John.  Some follow a preplanned devotional.  We personally believe that the best way to read the Bible is the same way one would read any book… Start at the beginning!

But whatever method one chooses, the object should be the same.  Read the Bible and get to know the Author!

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